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white man falling down deep  

“White Man Falling is that rare and wondrous thing – a perfectly realised serious comic novel. That it is also a first novel makes it all the more extraordinary.”
– Sarah Dunant, chair, Goss Award

“It is the precision and originality of Mike Stocks’ prose that makes this tragi-comedy of Indian manners hard to put down and a joy to pick up”
– The Spectator

The blurb
Police sub-inspector (retired) R.M. Swaminathan has suffered a stroke while beating up a Very Guilty Suspect in the lock-up of Mullaipuram Police Station. Swami can no longer talk properly, command the respect of his community, or give his six daughters the bankrupting dowries they deserve – so is it any wonder that he has lost his pride and wants to kill himself using only a puncture repair kit? Surely a man in these circumstances has good reason to feel cursed when a white man falls out of the sky, dying in front of his eyes and making him a laughing stock…

White Man Falling
Alma Books
Amazon (£5.99)
Word Power Books
RRP £7.99 Read chapter one · PDF 23 KB
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