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  I am the founder-editor of Anon. Anon is a print-based poetry magazine to which poems are submitted anonymously and assessed 'blind', using procedures similar to those used by poetry competitions. My views about Anon’s impact can be seen in an article in The Author (PDF 36 KB). In late 2008 I handed over the editorship of Anon to Colin Fraser and Peggy Hughes.

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  "This is nothing short of fabulous. Our celebrity culture is in such desperate need of an enema. We're completely clogged up with ego and projects like this have become essential in every way." – Mario Petrucci
"Names here don’t count. Only the poetry does. It is judged by its words, its form, the way it sounds, the way it looks. Quality matters. Remember that elusive factor? At Anon it’s back." Peter Finch
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